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Security No-No's | Locksmith in Salford:

  • Never leave keys on show in your home.
  • uPVC locks should not protrude more than 5mm.
  • Never leave keys inserted on the inside of the locked door.

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Nearest Locksmith In Salford

JS Locksmiths serve Salford on a 24 hour basis and can attend local Salford residents within 20 minutes of calling in an emergency lock out situation.

Unlike the national locksmith call centre's, JS Locksmiths really are local, thus considerably cheaper than those rivals and can also offer a fast response in an emergency situation.

You can call James Smyth directly on 07789593034 to discuss your requirements or for a free no obligations quotation.

Non Destructive Locksmith Techniques | Salford

More often than not, the budget locksmiths advertising in Salford aren't really the professionals they are claiming.

An experienced master locksmith such as James at JS Locksmiths will always opt for non destructive methods of entry to your door if possible and James has over 20 years experience in the fine art of picking locks and lock manipulation.

Handymen may be able to get you in, however this usually involves an hour long drilling session and unessessary risk of damaging your door in the process.

Of course drilling locks is required in certain scenarios whereby locks are faulty or jammed, but a good quality locksmith in Salford should be able to gain access in a manner least destructive to your property.

Anti Snap Locks For uPVC Doors | Salford

No doubt you have already heard about anti snap locks by now and the important role they play in preventing a quick and easy burglary.

Car key theft via lock snapping has risen tenfold in Salford and manchester of the last five years and now accounts for the majority of break in statistics in the area.

Upgrading to anti snap locks is pretty straightforward. We arrive, measure up your existing locks then make up the antisnap locks to suit your home which can take upto a couple of days.

You can have them keyed alike or to your own requirements and once fitted will ensure your home adheres to insurance requirements and offer you the peace of mind knowing your home is no longer an easy target for crooks.

Local Reviews

Updated: May 14th, 2018

S.Corfield, Salford - "Went out and locked our keys in the house. James kindly came out near midnight to let us back in within the hour."

M.Billet, Salford - "We wasted an hour waiting for a cheap locksmith to show up before finally giving up and calling James. he arrived within fifteen minutes and had us back in the house. Five stars!"

L.Jones, Salford - "Great service and professional attitude considering my unusual circumstances. Highly recommend James in Manchester."

T.Pink, Salford - "Brilliant fast and efficient locksmith service that went above and beyond to help us out."

Locksmith Price Match in Salford

JS Locksmiths Sale will endeavor to match or beat any genuine locksmith quotation in Sale. (10 odd job men excluded :-p)

As a local family business we believe we can offer unrivalled rates and the fastest response in the Salford area.

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